A new light has begun to shine in our world.   His name is Marshall Ball, and he writes with a grace and wisdom that will leave you warm and smiling.  If you enjoy this bit of Marshall's work, please pass this URL on to your friends.


That good thoughtful lovely person
grows love
to make freedom reign.


That growing thought learns
to listen to God.


Great Band of Good

Grateful goodness nearly,
gently gives good Love.
Caring gives listening
a real good meaning.
Nice good thinking
beautifully gives excellent,
intelligent, clear answers.
God loves you
like I goodly, finely,
clearly do.


The Means to
Begin to Find the Rose

That thoughtful rose loves to grow
to happily manage near perfection.
Feeling the fine, soft, sweet petals
Means that the thoughtful rose
is about to definitely give
the good thinking person
the sweetest perfume
under the thoughtful tutelage
of dear understanding Good.


Teach Love to Good Thinkers

Softly, freely their love
for good fine listening
greatly gives nice, beautiful,
sweet reason to life.
Teaching Good gives great love purpose.
To real gentle knowledgeable teachers
every moment is sweetly opportune
because God finely gives his
good knowledge to good


Marshall Stewart Ball is, by all counts, an extraordinary young man. Born with developmental challenges, he cannot speak, nor can he walk independently.  He does not have the strength or fine motor control to use a computer without assistance. To write, Marshall must have his elbow supported as he points to individual letters on an alphabet board. Marshall's strength in the face of his daunting challenges is a reflection of his desire to share his message with others. His infinite capacity to give and receive love is evident to all who meet him and to all who read his words. Marshall's web site is at www.marshallball.com.
kissofgod2.jpg (18063 bytes) These excerpts from Marshall's book, Kiss of God, are published here with his permission. When I asked his permission, he replied, "Marshall feels like the book will bless many.  Take it to a good audience." Thank you, Marshall.

All works 1999
Marshall Stewart Ball.

I receive no monetary benefit from the sale of Marshall's book. I recommend it only so that you may share the joy it has brought me. It is available many places including Amazon and Border's.


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